Dedicated to those who have touched my life in enormous ways…

marlene azlia
–> Yes, yes, my lil' sis! This girl has the maturity of a 25 year old and I mean it in a good way! I know I can always count on her for some sound advice, whenever and wherever. The perfect listener, the perfect lil' sis. Yes, she does have her 'bad side' okay. Hehe. But she has never failed to be there for me when I needed her. Late night talks and laughs with her are the moments I treasure always. Wish I could be like you. (I mean more matured laa. Don't perasan so much. hee..)

marc shahbudin
–> My lil' bro. Always will be my lil' bro eventhough he's taller than me. Have a very special bond with this fella. He'll be there for me whenever wherever. And he'll beat me up to teach me a lesson whenever wherever too. hehe. The perfect lil' bro to have. We would stay up all night talking to each other about stuff and give each other stupid and sometimes good advice. ;D He's normally the second person I go to cry my heart out (the 1st one is Akey laa..).

akhiriatul hafliza
–> My bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world! she's d epitome of a true fren…been with me thru thick n thin…my confidante…i could call her at wee hours of d day n could still count on her 2 be there with no grudge at all…we laugh n cry 2getha…even during my toughest time…she stood by me…n it has been 7 years of wonderful friendship…wish i could have 700 more..!

mohd nazri
–> my kambing…d love of my life…my best fren…my enemy…my evrythin…i luv d fact dat i can b myself wen i wit him…i can laugh n cry my heart out! he's seen me on my ugliest days…n days wen i felt 'pretty'…heee…pampers me like a baby…acceptin me 4 who i am…n supports me in wuteva i do…my pillar of strength…lifting me up wenever im down…happy wen im happy…n not 2 mention…scolds me once in a while wen i need it…huhu! we've been thru hell of a lot 2getha…! still have much more 2 face though…but Alhamdulillah…we're still goin strong…

–> my absolutely super duper couz…he's a man of wisdom…huhu…d 1 i can count on 2 make me laugh wen im feelin blue…n smile with me wenever im happy! i can depend on him 4 advice on practically anythin…d best thing is he's my couz…d best cousin a gurl could ever ask 4…!*winks*

my ex-debate team( u know who u guyz r… =D )
–> these guyz r d greatest…tanx gan, 4 literally pulling me into d team! i've had d best moments in my life with this bunch of crazy ppl! hehehe…no 2 mention…they've saw me thru my own crazy period (breaking down etc etc)…my apple n mentos eating period…d only ones who have seen me dance on top of d table…woops! hehe..n surprisingly…they're still my frenz! my truly great frenz! my party ppl…*winks*

nur diana
–> my very optimistic best fren! i admire her 4 her strength n determination…she alwiz teaches me 2 look on d bright side of things…n assures me dat she's alwiz there 4 me no matter wut…dis gurl can kick a***! one tough gurl…we've known each other since we were in std 6! alhamdulillah…she's really an amazing person 2 b frenz with…

–> my 'twin'…ppl used 2 call us 'belangkas' n skool…huhu…both of us have so many similarities dat sumtimes we can read each others' mind! hehe…we've shared a lot 2getha…from secrets 2 private jokes…we've fought many times…but she's juz d type of fren dat u can't let go of…

–> sumtimes i feel unworthy of dis gurl's frenship…cuz she's so damn smart! but she's very down 2 earth…softhearted…nmpk je cam ganas…huhu…my best fwen in uitm…urmm…she can tell u dat i'm a cry baby…i cry bout almost evrythin…huhu…but she's alwiz rite there 4 me…comfortin me…plus both of us can laugh bout almost anythin!!…u can learn a lot from dis gurl…seriusly…a wonderful fren n person inside out…

sharifah zainab
–> my lil singaporean fwen! she's very very very optimistic bout things…i take my hats off 2 her cuz she has alwiz been able 2 put truth in d saying 'evry cloud has a silver lining'…hehe…unlike me…n she has never fail 2 b there 4 me…in any circumtance…

I want ya'll 2 know dat u guyz r d best ppl in d whole world…i thank ya'll frm d bottom of my heart 4 stickin by me all dis while…! i know i can b a pain in d a*** most of d times…tanx 4 puttin up wit my craziness…tanx 4 acceptin me 4 who i am…tanx 4 teachin me so many thingz bout life…i've learnt a lot from u guyz…bout d side of life dat i never knew existed…witout u guyz i wouldn't b where i am now…i wouldn't b d person i am now…

I also want ya'll 2 know dat i'm alwiz there 4 ya'll…anytime…anywhr…u can count on me if ya'll need a fren…honestly…remember dat!!

I may not call, sms, email etc ya'll evryday…but do remember dat ya'll have a very special place in my heart…i have been blessed 2 have ppl like ya'll in my life…Alhamdulillah..

I LOVE YA'LL…truly…



2 Responses to “tribute.”

  1. June 18, 2005 at 3:48 pm

    matured huh…well..u noe me…

  2. June 27, 2005 at 1:44 pm

    I’m sure we all love you too!

    Love you too!


  3. June 27, 2005 at 4:26 pm

    “thank u! thank u! i know u love me” (in an ala grammy’s apeech kinda way…hehe)


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