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I feel that it is so ironic. During the exams, I had like a thousand things to do on my mind apart from studying. I edited photos laa, blogged etc etc. But when the exams are finally over, I’m like stuck with nothing to do. I’ve ran out of ideas to edit and even blog! Why la?

Anyways, just a few updates for you people who read my crap.

Last Saturday was Marc’s 19th birthday. Whole family had lunch at Koryo-Won, a Korean restaurant. Nyum nyum. We were there around 2pm, the last order was at 2.15pm, and their lunch hour time was until 2.30pm. What irritated me (and the rest of us) was at 2.30pm, not only did they ask us to pay for our meal because they wanted to ‘close the till’ or something, they even started switching off a few lights, and the aircond! We were not the only ones eating there, so couldn’t they wait until we finished our meal to switch off everything? I felt it was rude. Poor Marc. I have nothing to complain about the food though. Delicious indeed.

I spent that Saturday night at Kak Zana’s place. T’was fun playing with the ever lovable baby Adam. Went to KLCC before that, with papa. Just chilled, sort of like a post-exam celebration. hehe.

Went to KLCC again on Monday, this time with Sis Sal, Marlene and two of her friends. Marlene and her friends watched Harry Potter, and Sis Sal n I ended up watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose. She wanted to watch that movie so badly. It was okaylaa. Marlene bought herself a bag. 🙂

I just came back from Jusco Kepong. Trimmed my hair at Dry Cut Salon. Not much difference except it looks shorter la. Marlene and mummy had haircuts too. I’m fasting today, feeling a bit groggy. hehe.
Lambat lagi ke berbuka? ;p



is he…

His last paper was yesterday. (Lucky him.) But he didn’t sound all that happy about it though.
He’ll be coming back this Friday. InsyaAllah.
Can’t wait!! =D


I miss Marc. Period.



knocked some sense…

Why should I let other people pull me down?
Why should I let what others did to me hinder me from being a whole person again?
Why should I be suffering when others (‘they’ in particular) don’t seem to care and are living their lives happily and normally?
I do not need to compare myself to her. She has proven herself to be a low class slut, who thinks the world about herself.
We don’t have to admit that we’re a good person or not a bad person. Like she did. Come on, a real good person would not have to say anything at all. Too much self confidence is a disaster.

He cheated on me. I did not.

He even lied.

She showed her u-know-what to him even though he was not her bf. I’m not that stupid.

They were stupid.

She ‘loved’ two guyz at d same time. Need I say more?

Why should I let what they did to me take over my life? They have done what they did. And what goes around comes around, and they will receive what they deserve in time.
I would not stoop as low as they did.
I would not let all these emotions take over me. I don’t need all this.
I’m strong. I’m not gonna let her see me crumble. I’m not gonna crumble.
I’m gonna be happy.
I deserve to be happy.
Fuck them.

There you go. I said it.

(p/s: for those of u who think i’m being over-dramatic, or too emotional, or think that “oh cmon, it has been a yr now, get over it!”. or whatever. thanks. try putting yourself in my shoes. try imagine having flashbacks of your bf kissing a slut every single minute. urgh. whatever. i don’t care what you think.)



take that…

Pathology was not ok. I think I should start to re-think my career options. Maybe I’m not cut out for this whole Pharmacy thingy.

Aunty Maziey and family came over a while ago to visit Mummy. Mummy’s still weak. Sleep only. She needs the rest I guess. 😥

Had a long chat with Faridah a.k.a Baby or Fid as she is affectionately called by me. Hehe. *wink*. The last time we actually really talked was when we were 13. Yes, 13. But we chatted as if we have known each other for years, no awkwardness whatsoever, at least that’s how I felt. I felt close. It’s a good feeling, trust me. Plus I usually feel kekok and out of place when I’m with someone who I feel tak setaraf. I’m no rich girl. (okay, slapped myself already. and again. and again). Still, it was nice. 🙂 But anyway, we chatted bout stuff. And no one has ever talked to me like that. No “time will heal” or “it will be ok in time” or even “take things slowly” and all the other phrases i usually get from others. She was just like “take that” and that’s it. With sincerity and nothing more than honesty. Could see that she really cared. And what’s most important was she really, really understood what I was going through. She really made me think. Really. Kinda knocked some sense in me.

Still wish I had more guts. And confidence. And less insecurities and stupidity.

Last paper’s this Thursday. But no semangat to study already. How?

Thanks Fid dear. Thanks a whole lot. Muah muah.

Wish me luck people. 😉



have another look at me…

Here are some of my piccies that Lene edited. Not bad for an amateur eh? 😉








Mummy was discharged last Thursday, she was already home when I reached home. Poor mummy, she looked so weak. She said it was worse this time, compared to the previous one. She vomitted a lot, had no appetite and was feverish. 😥
Her next session will be on Boxing Day which the 26th of December.
So scared.

Two more papers to sit for, Pathology paper tomorrow and PNS next Thursday. Can’t wait for the hols to start!

Feli’s back from Australia. Yeay! She’ll be here until February if I’m not mistaken. Loads of time to catch up with all the gossips and dramas! Hehe.
Yus is gonna be back from Australia too, on 1st December, yeay again! Miss that woman so damn much!
Alice is coming down from Sabah tomorrow. But the sad thing is I don’t think we’ll be able to meet. =( . Miss her much. But she has to leave so early. Stupid exams! Isk isk.

Daddy went to Seremban, to supposedly sell the birds he has been keeping caged for as long as I can remember. If it’s true then good for him. And good for a better view of the porch. No more bird cages.

Okay okay, will get back to my books now. It’s raining cats and dogs out there. It’s so sleep-inducing.
Wish me luck!




My Drug Abuse paper yesterday was so-so la.

Physical Pharmacy today sucked. Big time!

I don’t feel so good.
I feel stupid.


Peek – A – Boo !


This is mine. Not yours.
So keep your censuring to yourself, thank you.


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