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acupuncture and me…

What happened this week?

  • On Monday, I felt as if my time spent reading Biochem was not worth at all. Damn.
  • My mentor Dr Teh sensed that I was down when I went to meet her on Tuesday. She can certainly be a good student’s counsellor. She recommended reading good psychology or self help books.
  • Went to KLCC on Wednesday with Nanab. She wanted to look for a pair of shoes. Came back with an aching body and sore feet, don’t ask me why. A&W’s waffle with ice cream was my only food for that day. Met Sis Sal that night. Regretted it.
  • Met Papa at Times Square on Thursday, watched Casanova. Before that, had lunch at Mcd Shah Alam with Zana. She has been pretty busy lately with the dinner thingy.
  • During lunch break on Friday, my group members and I went to this Wellness centre in Sunway for our presentation on acupuncture. The practitioner could tell I had this and this just by looking at my face! And he demonstrated how acupuncture was done on me.
  • And today, am going to KLCC with Lene. She wants to get something for someone.






i have to go back today…

Had a very hectic week! Three exams that were a pain and another one coming tomorrow. Biochemistry. Urgh. Still have loads more to read on. And memorise. Sigh.

I get distracted easily, that’s one thing that’s really wrong with me. My mind wanders endlessly especially when I’m trying to study. And I always come up with something else that I have to do instead of studying. I think I have ADD.

My faculty’s annual dinner is on March 4. I don’t feel like going. Not only that I don’t have anything to wear, I just do not have the mood to go. This year’s theme is “Glitz, Glam and Glory” or something like that. Glory?

Am going back to Shah Alam this evening. One of the rare occasions when I don’t travel back there on a Monday morning like I usually do. All because of Biochemistry! I so wanna get it over and done with!

Zana wants to go and watch the Actorlympics. Sounds fun. Will think about it. Till then, wish me luck for tomorrow! =)



i don’t celebrate valentine’s…

Just finished my Traditional Medicine class and I’m sitting in the computer lab while waiting for Dr Kala. I have to meet her about my Biochem. Had my Pharmaceutical Analysis test this morning and it sucked big time. 8 essays?? 150 MCQs?? Fuck. Anyway, what’s done is done I guess. Glad that’s out of the way. Next is Dosage Form Design on Thursday, Antimicrobial Pharmacotherapeutics on Friday and Biochemistry next Monday. Just thinking of it all makes me sick.

But, I am feeling pretty okay at this moment. In fact I’m smiling to myself. I did something really bad. *smiles* But I’m somehow glad I did it and with that I found out that some people are not that smart after all. *wide grin* Puas hati aku.

I’m thinking of going home to Gombak pulak. Skip class tomorrow and study? Or maybe just go and have dinner with Papa. Hmm…

Zana bought a Nokia 3230 last week and she’s still trying to get a hang of how to use it. =)
Nanab’s sis just gave birth last Friday. She’s soooo happy. =)

It’s Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s Day people. 😉

I’m happy. =)

Minx Exchanging Lustful Indulgence and Sensual, Slow Affection

So what’s your sexy name? Hee…



hello toilet…

If you’re reading this, then it’s either I gave you my new url or you don’t know me and just happened to come across my blog. I found out that some people were reading my blog, people whom I don’t wish for them to do so. So, if I did give you my new url, do me a favor and don’t link me up anywhere. Don’t. Thanks.

I woke up with diarhhea and my tummy hurts. Currently so fuckin stressed out. I have extreme dislike for Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis. I know I can’t possibly remember every fuckin thing. And whatsmore, my French lecturer thinks that his writing is oh-so-lovely when I can’t even comprehend what the hell he wrote in his notes. Hasn’t he ever heard of Microsoft Power Point? Or even Word for that matter!

I detest being forced to eat. Because I know when to eat. What’s your problem? Kau orang nak makan makanlah, nak pakse-pakse orang pehal lak?? Inviting me to eat is one thing, but pestering is another!

Marlene said “You look round”. Gee, thanks. Not. I know I have been stuffing myself with food the whole week. And yes, I do look round.

Mummy was in pain yesterday, kinda scared me. But she didn’t wanna go to the doctor. Sigh.

Linn’s at home now, she’s Marc’s girlfriend for those of you who don’t know. They have been studying together. Cute.

And, oh yeah, I have low blood pressure. Woohoo?

I’m tired.



he was hot…

I am currently in a cybercafe in Ampang while waiting for Papa to finish work, I have an appointment with my doctor this evening, again. Sigh. I got bored of waiting for him at the hospital’s lobby plus at the same time I was studying for my Endocrine System test tomorrow. Needed a break. So here I am. 🙂

As I was waiting for the bus at the Jelatek LRT station, there was this hot, I mean HOT school kid who walked in front of me twice. Well, he was not actually a kid, probably 16 or 17 of age. I found myself thinking to myself, “You’re so hot, please don’t grow up to be a rempit!”. I don’t know why I thought that though. Hee..

I feel fat. I had nasi lemak yesterday evening and banana fritters this afternoon and I’m sure Papa will feed me tonight. I feel fat.

Okay, have nothing else to ramble about.

Baby, if you’re reading this, Happy Birthday!



^don’t wanna lose you…

Sometimes it’s hard to make things clear
Or know when to face the truth
And I know that the moment is here
I’ll open my heart and show you inside
My love has no pride
I feel with you I’ve got nothing to hide
So open your eyes and see who I am
And not who you want for me to be
I am only myself, myself

I don’t wanna lose you now
We’re gonna get through somehow
I don’t wanna lose you now or ever
‘Cause baby I’ve finally found
The courage to stand my ground
But if you want me
I’ll be around, forever

We all make mistakes, we all lose our way
But we stood the test of time and I hope
That’s the way it will stay
It’s all up to you, to tell me to go
‘Cause it won’t be me to walk away
When you’re all that I know
And I know that

I don’t wanna lose you now
We’re gonna get through somehow
I don’t wanna lose you now or ever
‘Cause baby I’ve finally found
The courage to stand my ground

But if you want me
I’ll be around, forever

(Gloria Estefan)





let’s go on a tour…

Am feeling lethargic! Was out the whole day, went to meet Akey in Bangi with Yus. Had a great time. As usual, Yus just cracks me up! Akey was touched that we went all the way there just to see her. Ehehe, memang nothing else to do pun. Met a super-friendly cab driver who wanted to take us on a tour around Bangi. Err, no thanks?
Yus had to go to meet her boss after that, so I hopped on the LRT to Ampang Point to get my gamat supplies. =p Surprisingly I did not stop by to meet Papa at his workplace which was just footsteps away. “Datanglah lepak sini“, he said. “Takpela, tak nak kacau“, I replied. Mengada je.
Besides, the rest of the family were coming to pick me up to go to Aunty Doreen’s place. To continue ang pow collecting. =D
Had two slices of pizza for dinner just now. Boy, am I stuffed!
Yus and I on the Komuter. I think we were laughing too loud we kinda annoyed the rest of the passengers. =))
Akey, my guardian angel. She knows me inside out. Isn’t she just sweet? =)

Us having a splendid time! Woohoo.
And the wackos getting hyper after receiving ang pows. =)

After hibernating, Gan finally reappears. I really DID miss you ok! And I’m o-kay lah my dear. Thanks for asking.

Poor Papa, he has been working like a dog lately. Finishing work everyday at 9pm. =(
I miss him.

The hols are almost coming to an end. Sigh. Still lots of work I have yet to complete. Uh oh, panicking now.
But I’m too sleepy (and lazy) to do anything. Good night world. =p


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