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i am never grateful…

Turns out I did bring my Mandarin book home, but as usual, did not read it at all.

Been stuffing myself with food like nobody’s business this weekend, large servings of ice cream with chocolate rice, ABC with colourful sprinkles, curry bla bla bla. Oh dear, I’m so gonna fast the next whole week. Sigh. Puasa ganti la. Hee….Ish, bersyukur la ada rezeki kan?

Not looking forward to tomorrow and the whole of next week. Especially the days on which I have tests. Looking forward to the weekend though, well, Friday onwards to be exact. I shall enjoy myself with the people I dearly miss. Yeay!

Well, good luck to me.
Goodnight people.



yes, blame it on hormones…

Feels like it has been ages since my last entry.
My chain of thoughts have somehow been cut short.
Haven’t seen Marc for two weeks already and I have to admit it feels kinda weird. Well, I guess he just has loads of more important things to do over there. I should understand, shouldn’t I?

Mummy told us we might be going for a holiday in KK during this mid term break. Yeay! Hopefully everything goes as planned. Lene and I need new swimsuits. And yeah, Marc too. =) Speaking of swimsuits, no way am I gonna get in one without losing a few more pounds! Starve yourself Melissa, starve. *picturing Nicole Richie*

S has changed. Totally. I can’t even be myself when I’m with her. Maybe it’s just a sign that we’re not meant to be friends anymore. Read an article in one issue of CLEO, it’s not wrong to stop being friends with a person for valid reasons la. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the one acting so childish, but hey, if your heart says it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. I’m moving on, without her.

Lift by Shannon Noll is on repeat on my Winamp. Hooked to that song since Feli suggested that I downloaded it.

Had another Antimicrobial Pharmacotherapeutics test yesterday, which was surprisingly not as tough as I expected it to be. Another two more test next week. Study, study, study. My Mandarin sketch is on Monday along with another listening test. Hmm, did I even bring my Mandarin book home??

Oh yeah, here’s a story to tell.
Last Sunday, I had my diploma reunion at some camp in Batu 12, Gombak. Papa and I wore jeans and we didn’t bring extra clothes, because we only paid for the food, not for all the latihan commando crap.
Honestly, I thought reunions were supposed to be ‘exclusive’ or something like that. And not to get yourself stuck in mud or be bitten by bugs or to sweat like pigs.
Anyway, Papa and I decided to join them on their walk to the waterfall after they finished their gruelling exercises. The instructor told us, “Takde lumpur dah, air sungai pun paras lutut je“. Fair enough.
Then on the way, after climbing this and that, going downhill, uphill, (in our jeans) ta-da! there came a point where the river water level was right up to my ass and supposedly there was no other route to go by!
Paras lutut your head la! No, I’m not complaining about my jeans, but I was having my menses people. Like, euww! So, my jeans was soaked. And so was my you-know-what. And boy, was I pissed! My hormones were already going haywire, and that just had to happen.
But, I can say it was kinda worth it, the waterfall was beautiful, well, it was okay la. Eventhough Papa and I didn’t get to swim or anything, we had a ‘romantic’ time by the waterfall. Heeee…
It was fun getting to meet my exclassmates again though, plus we had barbequed chicken. Chicken, always makes my day. Haha. Photos below, as usual. =)
Yippie! This was way before the walk to the waterfall.
And this too.

Euww. They could smile? Some of them even had allergic reactions. Euw again.
The walk. La la la la…
….la la la la la..
Yes, yes, paras lutut only.
Still paras lutut. Weee!
This was after we were soaked. That smile was so fake. And yeah, the waterfall’s behind me.
Our so called romantic by-the-waterfall date. =)
Chicken. Barbequed. My mouth’s watering already.
Us. PH110, 2002 batch. yeay!



dare to change…

Learnt something very valuable today. I should try to change from “I should be understood” to “I should understand”.

A piece of advice from a very wise under-aged girl. Whom I love.



i really did…

I drove. I really did. I drove a car. A real one. My Kelisa. A real one. Yes. I did. *slaps myself* The second time I really drove a car since I got my licence four years ago. This time, with Marc beside me, guiding me through every step (which I have totally forgotten.). Apart from the fact that I nearly kissed an ass of a Chevy, I think I was pretty okay but I still need loads of practice. I need to get rid of the fear that has been hindering me from driving. (ie: huge lorries and buses on the road!) Hehe. Well, that’s that. Will be practicing again soon I hope.

Received a very sweet card and a lovely pair of earrings from Alice all the way from Sabah. I like! =)
Alice, pinkie swear and I’m happy! =p

I have a Dosage Form Design quiz on Monday. Urgh. Will be going back to Shah Alam tomorrow because my housemates and I will be having dinner together somewhere, to celebrate Atia’s birthday and Caca who will be leaving us to study and work with MAS. Sigh, I was just starting to really love her company. =(

Daddy just choked on water and could not breathe. Scared the hell out of me! He’s okay now, Alhamdulillah. “I thought I was going to die.” That’s what he said. =(




I went to Low Yat Plaza today to get a new MMC. Alone. Walked around Sungei Wang, bought toiletries. Alone. I’m not complaining though. But just when Marc smsed me to tell me to try to format the old one, I realised I’ve lost it. I could have saved RM70. =(
Papa sent me home, on the way we witnessed a motorcycle accident and a car pile up on the highway. I was a bit shaken, heck, I still am.

Am with my housemate, Ina at the good ol cybercafe. =)

That’s all for today.



things take a turn…

Fuck. My phone’s memory card cannot be read! Corrupted or something like that. Fuck.

And M is acting like a fuckin bitch. STFU will you???



i’m a bad case when it comes to makeup…

I enjoyed Glitz, Glam, Glory night. Although the food wasn’t really, what I would say, yummy. But, overall, I had fun!
Credits to Lene for the makeup. 😉 (also for the company throughout the preparation..hee)

Here are a few snaps. =)



My date. (for life) =) 

My ngoks. Nanab and Zana. =) 

My classmates, well, some of them. 

Our dearest Dean. =) 

My fav lecturer! =p 

With the hottie of our class! 

My juniors. My babes. =) 

Seniors graduating! isk isk.. 

Still had time to go for a bite at A&W after the dinner. =)

Happy 3 years 5 months honey.

Alice, I ‘m happy you’re happy. =)


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