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first child.

Each time we meet there would always be remarks on how I look. Be it about me having more pimples, or less pimples or gained weight or lost weight. Or what I wear. Or whatever.

I can handle it if I get it once in a while. But not EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Why does it matter so much to you ??

And here I am trying my best not to think about all these superficialities.
It’s tough if this world is full of people like you.



adam mamam.

Spent two nights at the boyfriend’s family’s new place in Kajang. The apartment was pretty comfy plus it has a swimming pool, sauna and even a gymnasium. I just had to tag along when the family decided to go to Putrajaya yesterday evening.
This cute little fellow was a handful !


Since the mother, (Papa’s sister) didn’t come along with us and everyone else was just too lazy to entertain him, I had to take over the duties of being the caretaker. And that includes, making him laugh, carrying him when he wanted to be carried, running around with chasing him and making sure he didn’t fall into the huge drains there. Phew, definitely a handful ! All the running around made me sweat a whole lot. But I enjoyed myself. I love that little kid. 🙂
And boy, this little guy can eat and eat and eat. Every time we passed a restaurant he would happily go, “Mamam ! Mamam ayam !“. He LOVES chicken, by the way, so I guess I’ve found my soul mate. 🙂
It’s nice that he didn’t take too long to grow quite attached to me considering the fact that I haven’t seen him in about half a year ! As the boyfriend puts it, “Adam suka sangat ngan Baby kan.” I’m trying not to sound conceited here, but you see, even when he was in his mother’s arms he went, “Nak tatak nak tatak“. 😀
(Tatak=kakak. I know he’s supposed to call me Aunty. But I think Aunty sounds err, old.)
But anyhow, I love Adam Daniel Iman. 🙂

I had a food-filled weekend. I had everything; chicken masak lemak, kerabu, fish sambal, chicken rice, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, Kajang satay, fries, burgers and loads of junk food. I’m grateful, yet I shouldn’t go on stuffing myself like this. I was also too lazy to exercise that I only did an hour today. Keep in mind that I have already gone two days without working out okay. Sigh.
I’m terrible aren’t I?

Central Nervous System test next Friday. Hmm.

I think I should do another hour of Pump It Up.
Yes, I should.




You people just love snooping around, looking at other people’s private data, don’t you? Is that how you people gain satisfaction?

This is exactly one of the many reasons why I make less contact with you low life scumbags.



bubu !

Papa finally has a vehicle to move around with (and to move me around too, of course. 😀 ). Alhamdulillah. It’s not brand new and it’s not exactly his. But it’ll do for the time being. It’s good that he doesn’t have to rely on others to go from one place to another.
I still take the bus to class though. I’m being Miss Independent. Haha.
Although, when the weather’s bad or if I’m running late, I still give him a call to come pick me up. 😛

Just ten minutes ago I was feeling hungry but it’s funny how now I don’t feel like eating anything.
Papa and I had Cordon Bleu and brownies for lunch. And we watched Pathfinder. The movie’s nothing to shout about, it was o-kay la.

I’m currently trying to concentrate on this assignment I have. I’d have to write something on Alzheimer’s. Or Huntington’s. Or Parkinson’s.
And I don’t get what this medical journal is trying to say. *scratches head*

I think I’d die without the internet. Yeah, I think I would.
This is very unhealthy.

Is it wrong for me to have no intentions of going on a shopping spree or whatsoever for the whole of this semester? I don’t see why this had to be an issue. Screw you. Kau lah serabut. Ergh.

Oh, now I get it! (re: medical journal)

I feel like getting a new place to stay. I can’t stand the rats. Yes, rats. Mice. Huge dirty mice. They’re not afraid of us humans you know. They seem to think that the whole house is their playground or something. Running and jumping here and there even in broad daylight. I swear one of them stole my underwear. Just after I threw my underwear into my pail of dirty clothes, I saw one of these creatures jumping into the pail. The next thing I know, underwear went MIA. Ergh.
Well, I just don’t wanna fall sick, considering the fact that my immune system does not function in a normal manner. 😦

I have a headache now.
Should I go for supper or should I not ?



that’s what she said.

As I was on the bus on the way home to get my sunscreen (which I left in the bag I brought to Genting last Saturday, can’t live without it.), my thoughts started to wander, but this time it wandered nowhere near negativity.
I just felt, hmm, lucky. And hmm, happy. Content.
I even caught myself smiling to myself.

I love my Daddy, who cracks silly jokes and lectures me on and on, whenever I don’t want to eat or when I over exercise. Who gives me a hug when he sees me sad or crying. And who forgets important dates and flashes a funny cute smile when I remind him.
I love my Brother, who despite his temperament, I know he’s only trying to protect me, and the sister. Who wakes me up just to talk. Who lights up the house with his hilarious imitations and spontaneity. And who would tease me whenever I’m working out.
I love my Sister, who I think is the only one who really laughs at my so called jokes and just loves knocking good sense into my head. Who gets ‘traumatized’ almost every time we’re in the room together. And who I can share my thoughts and feelings (and clothes) with.
I love my Boyfriend, who would pick me up at 12am and bring me to a warung just because I told him I was craving for ox tail soup. Who would stand my incessant whining. Who calls me tenuk for unknown reasons.
I love my beautiful circle of Friends, who never give up on me and accepts both the good and the bad in me. Who I can always have a great time with, and also depend on to be there for me whenever I’m feeling blue.

I love my ugly old notebook even though it’s not an iBook.
I love my baby tees, tops and bottoms even though they’re not from MNG or Topshop.
I love my wavy hair even though it’s perpetually frizzy. Hey, at least I’m not bald okay.

I have always had enough to eat and drink.

I may not own an expensive car. My notebook maybe cheap and ugly (and heavy!). My skin may not be perfect. I may not score perfect A’s in my exams. Heck, I even fail sometimes. My roommate may think my hair’s always in a mess and that I don’t dress up well.

So what?

Of course if I looked at what I don’t have or what others have that I don’t, I would never have enough.
I know I own more than enough.

I should try to only cater to my needs and necessities and not to succumb to my wants if they’re beyond my means.

I miss Mummy.




Why am I so forgetful ??
So tomorrow morning I’m gonna die of boredom on the LRT and the bus.



nothing’s easy.

The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them put you in that position.
– Leo Buscaglia

Peek – A – Boo !


This is mine. Not yours.
So keep your censuring to yourself, thank you.


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