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my new thinga-muh-jiggy…

Today Papa bought me a new handphone! =D

We traded in our old ones. Mine was almost gonna crack into pieces (the result of it's 'ground likeability factor'. asyik jatuh je.). I really can't believe the guys at the shop didn't notice the cracks!! They did notice the dead pixels though, so mine was sold for a cheaper price than Papa's. Anyhow, we got ourselves, well, actually HE got us each a new Nokia 6630. Wanted to get the 6680 but he couldn't afford it. Haha. Poor Papa, bazir duit je. But he said it was for the better as my old phone was in a critical condition, if we waited, sure tak laku punya. hehe. Urmmm, this new gadget of mine is more complex than my previous one. I don't even know how to install new themes I downloaded which was a piece of cake with the old one. But I appreciate it a lot though although I'm not really into all these high tech 3G stuff but Papa's kinda like a freak. Woops. A fanatic? Hehe.

Thank u Papa.
I'll try to reduce the 'ground likeability factor' of this one. hehehe…*wink*



^so emotional…

It’s either black or white, that’s right
We’re makin love or in a fight
Sometimes you make me so blue

But then it feels so good,
I knew it would
You know the way to make me crazy
I want to give it to you

You make me feel so emotional
I can’t let go I’m so emotional
I’m sinking deep into an ocean full of you
I’m so emotional

You take me high and low, you know
I’m never sure which way you’re gonna go
You’re such a mystery to me

But baby hot or cold, you got a hold
Of my imagination
I think you know what i mean

You make me feel so emotional
I can’t let go I’m so emotional
I’m sinking deep into an ocean full of you
I’m so emotional

Rain is falling down on me
Suddenly the sun comes out
Sometimes north or south of love
But I’m never out.

(Christina Aguilera)



fantastic four!

So far my first week of classes wasn't that bad. Alhamdulillah. Managed to focus and set my mind straight. =D
Classes were alright except for this morning's Microbiology lab. Did I ever mention I hated microscopes? They always gimme a headache. Dah la most of the time I don't even know what I'm looking at! To me they're just a bunch of circles, dots, lines or whatever! Hehe.
But, I think I'm picking myself up pretty well. Good for me huh? Couldn't have done it without the awesome people around me. Love ya guys. Please pray for me ya…

My previous week was 'spiced up' with being able to watch the exclusive preview of Fantastic Four last Tuesday, 12th July at GSC One Utama! Lene won four tickets from (yes, she's always lucky). So I went with her and my parents. The movie was not bad laa. Enjoyed it! Daddy certainly enjoyed it too although the storyline wasn't dat fantastic. hehehe…
On that very day, history was made. That was the first time my parents watched a movie at the cinema since 25 years ago! Yippie! I have to admit I was actually kinda afraid because of Daddy's heart condition and worried if he could take all the loud sound effects etc etc. But after the movie, he actually said with a huge smile, "Macam ni la baru best!". Hehe.  

I was free the whole day last Friday, so on Thursday, I went to Seremban, to Papa's house. =D . Yup, obviously he wasn't there as he was working and that was the first time for me being at his place with his family without him around. But I feel so lucky that I was able to be myself and feel very comfortable as they treated me as if I was a part of their family. Love them! I enjoyed every moment of babysitting 1 month old Adam Daniel Iman! He was super-duper cute! Hehe. And I think I make a very good nanny. Haha. 😉

Papa came back on Saturday evening and we both travelled back from Seremban this morning. We were supposed to leave at 5am as I had class at 830am and his work starts at the same time too but, as we all know, I'm not a morning person! And I woke up at 6am! We left at 7am. I managed to reach class on time but poor Papa, he was an hour late for work! But he didn't complain at all! So sweet of him. To think that we fought the night before, about 'ancient history' and I said some very nasty things (that's just me when im angry+hurt+etc etc) but he still was very patient with me wanted to work things out. AND he also brought me to the homeopathy clinic this evening to get my medication. 🙂 Although on the way, my bag actually fell on the road and got smashed by a stupid Proton Wira (I cried, and cried, and cried but my stuff were alright including my discman!). My bag memang almost hancur la kan. So sad, he just got me that bag for my classes two weeks ago. isk isk isk isk isk…

Sometimes I'm blinded by my emotions I guess. Just too blind to see the effort he's putting in to make sure things work. Most of the time I just see pass all of that and see all the bad stuff that he did. Poor him huh? But I just can't help it, it's harder than i thought. Much much harder! Dealing with frequent flashbacks of hurtful images and words!

Woops! I just fell off the chair!! hahahahahaha. Okay Lene, you can stop laughing! Don't ask me how it happened. Sakitnya! hehehehe.

Haiya, my ideas got cut off already. They went down with the fall I guess. hehehehe. Will continue some other time.




My first day of my third semester! Sigh.

I do not know why it's so hard for me. Only had two classes just now. Lucky for me the 1st one was with the funny Dr Adnan a.k.a Atok. At least something fun to start my day.

Yesterday Mummy told me to get back to who I was before. And study like i always did.
This morning, Daddy kept asking me about my classmates' results (not that I know many laa)  and he was comparing them with my terrible results. He told me to don't let anything else distract me this time.
Sigh. Poor Mummy n Daddy! They have such high hopes on their useless eldest daughter! I know I have to struggle by hook or by crook but I don't know whether I have enough strength (or whatever you call it.) to just get up and bounce back after a 'great fall'.

Plenty more to say, but I'm just not in the mood.



this is it…

I guess this is it. I have to be brave.
I have 2 face it anyway and there's no way out.

I just pray to God to gimme strength and determination.
I have to really buckle up this time. No more playing around!
I have my priorities and now that I have my so called life kinda sorted out, there should be no excuse for me, right?

Registered for the new sem this morning. Got the keys to my new house in sec. 2. Not feeling very good though. I wish I could meet my Papa. Sigh.

Wish me luck and pray for me people!

Lene turned 14 yesterday! Woohoo! Happy birthday lil' sis. Love ya! mmuuaahhh!!



Protected: absent minded…

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I'm sort of out of breath now. I don't know whether it's because of over-exercising or over-eating. Hehe. But seriusly, I'm having difficulty breathing. One thing I know that IS due to the exercise sessions is the pain in my calves. Maybe because I exercise on a hard surface without proper foot support? What the heck!

Last week, Papa got his first pay, Alhamdulillah. =D  And he surprised me with a beige Padini Authentics handbag, sweet huh? Thank you Papa. Thanks for the time we spent together. (not to mention the money we spent too…haha!) *wink*

Last Thursday, I went to back to my ex high school. Haven't been there since I took my SPM results! I actually went to take Lene's report card. Her teacher said she was talkative. Hehehe. I guess it runs in the family! And then I also finally took my SPM certificate. haha! Yes, yes…I just took it last week, after 3 years! I'm not the only one as Sis Sal wuz with me. Hehe.

Sis Sal, Lene and I went to Jusco Wangsa Maju after that only to find out that they were having a member's-only sale! We couldn't enter, so I became a member just to get in! Haha. It was definitely a crazy sale! There were even rm10 blouses with 10% discount and they were not that bad. Lene bought herself a blouse and a pair of shoes. I bought myself a simple black Cleef handbag.

I'm pretty busy this week. Just now I went to a homeopathy clinic for my resdung, pimples n eczema. The doctor said I had very very sensitive skin. And for the resdung, I'd have to avoid eating beef, nuts etc, take cod liver oil and vitamin C but it seems that vitamin C is not good for acne. So she said if it makes my pimples worse, stop. She gave me some medication, two weeks supply and I have to go back to see her again after that. She also said that the medication might make my pimples worse at first, kinda like part of the treatment laa. isk isk. Don't want that to happen actually! Anyway, I'm just hoping and praying it'll work. Aamin.

Plans for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I might be going to Shah Alam to get my fee slip authorised etc, and try to look for a place to stay for next semester. Haha. A bit too late huh? I know. hehehe…
An old friend, Aziatun just came back from overseas. So on Wednesday, I might be going out with her along with Akey. =D
On Thursday, Marc is going back to Segamat. Sigh. So I'll be following Daddy to send him back. Sob.
On Friday, the most dreaded registration day! I'll be going back to UITM to register. isk isk.

This Sunday pulak, there's gonna be sort of like a family gathering as Aunt Ann from Australia is back. hehe. Can't wait!!

There you go, my itinerary for the week. So for those of you who are intending to meet up with me, treat me lunch, dinner, brunch or anything…please call or sms for an appointment. hahahahahahaha! *winks*

I'm tired.


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