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I’m a year older today.

Thanks guys for the birthday gifts, messages, smses, calls and testimonials.

Daddy, thanks for the birthday dinner last night. Mummy, thanks for the yummy cake!

Secret Recipe’s Mud Cake. Irresistible! =)

Love you all.



exams make me curse!

I’m feeling agitated.
Angry for no reason.
I tried washing the dishes to make me feel better. Didnt work.
Read CLEO. That didnt work either.
Plus some people just have the tendency of making things worse.
How many times should I say I do not want to eat that. Urgh. Stop pestering me will you?

Fucking exams are just five days away, and I’m not even 20% ready. And it’s no drama. For real, 30 topics, and I have only read like 7 of them. I get distracted so fucking easily. But to be honest, I have no mood whatsoever to even look at my notes. What did I get myself into? I should have just carried on with my practical training and got my diploma, not tunjuk pandai and skip a year of it to pursue this shit. Bukan pandai pun!

Oh yeah, an ex best friend invited me to her house today. Her lil sis is getting engaged. I’m so not gonna go, bitch.

I miss the good old times. When I didn’t have to fake a smile or laugh. Fuck.

Sekarang semuanya bodoh.

Dearest M, when are you gonna accept the fact that this is what I want. You can’t always be right. Let it go!

Yes, I’m sick of this right now, thank you.



yummy yummy ice cream !!

Lene bought a new phone last Tuesday. A Sony Ericsson T290i. Her old Motorola had gone bonkers. She and her friend also made me walk up and down a million times at Times Square looking for an ice cream shop. “Aku rase kat sini lah.”, “Eh, tak lah, bukan.”, “Bukan yang ini.”, “Kesian kau long.”. Memang kesian lah, penat tau. Nasib baik jumpa, and it was not even on the two levels we were walking up and down for so long. Fortunately, the ice cream was delicious. =)
Lene showing her off her new gadget.

I went to Shah Alam today, with Papa. He went to meet the Dean regarding his degree application. I really really hope Papa gets it. The Dean made it seem like he was. But we can’t put our hopes too high right? On the way out of the faculty’s office, our Pendaftar congratulated Papa. Papa was like, “Papa rase papa dapat lah.” Hehe. Aamin…
Makan-makan at McD on the way back. Snapped loads of piccies! Here’s an edited piece. I like!
Sayang kamu.

I finished deleting ‘unwanted’ people in my Friendster’s friends list last night. The whole process took two days! Hehe. I deleted my second account too. Set my profile to private, so no hooligans, perverts or sex maniacs can send me idiotic messages anymore. Phew, what a relief! =)
In the process I found out that a girl actually copied my whole “about me” and “who I want to meet” right down to every single punctuation. Pissed me off like hell, and I gave her a piece of my mind. Plain stupid lah these people.

I’m off to study now. At least that’s what I plan to do. Things don’t usually go as planned in my world. Hee..



let’s swim…

Marlene and I got our new swimsuits! Yeay! =)
Now I really can’t afford to gain even an ounce of weight.

For dinner, we had spaghetti at a Nyonya restaurant. =p

I think I should at least start opening my bag of notes today, right? Less than two weeks to go. I should, I should.

I’m feeling bitchy today. Seriusly. Feel like lashing out at everyone. As a matter of fact I think I did. Sorry to those I did not meant to hurt.

So before I start bitching, I better go to bed.



it broke.

Just came back from Segambut. Marc went to play futsal with his friends and Lene and I tagged along. Oh yeah, Marc’s back. *colgate smile*

My comb broke. Sigh. Tried to blame it on Lene but it didn’t work. Hehehe..

Bye bye comb. =(

Papa and I went to Times Square this evening. Watched Gubra. It was a good movie. I even cried for some reasons not directly related to the movie. Papa said Orked’s character resembles mine. Hmm? I’ll take that as a compliment. I think.

I have not initiated any studying of any sort. And I think I’m starting to get bored of Friendster and MySpace. Just a phase maybe? Hee…

Marc’s on the phone with Linn. Auww….

I should go to bed now. Oh yeah, Consuela my couz, I am feeling much better now, thank you. =)
Night night.



missing you…

I must really miss Marc. He appeared in my dream two nights ago, coming to my class to surprise me. Heee…

I’m having the flu. Slight headache. I wish I could just sleep the whole day.

Have registered for the intersession this semester break, so there’s no semester break for me. Sigh.

I think a nap will be good for me right now, I’m starting to see double.





I have a test tomorrow. Calculation questions. And I know my brain freezes when it comes to calculations. But here I am, blogging, checking my mail, reading articles which have nothing to do with Drug Dosage Form and Design. Then I complain and whine continuosly about not being able to answer my test questions, right? Sigh.

Okay, I need to lose at least 10 more pounds before the end of May. I have about two months. Wish me luck!

Study week starts next week and my finals start on the 20th of April. I need a remedy for laziness.

I think I’m gonna be sick. I can sense the flu virus coming. Maybe because I was too proud and refused to wear my raincoat on the way back to Shah Alam from Seremban yesterday morning. It was raining all the way. “Bucuk tak nak pakai baju hujan ke?“, Papa asked. “Tak nak la, bukan lebat pun“, I answered. It was a one and a half hour journey. On a motorbike. Hmm…and my undies were soaked too. Sheesh.

Fancy being a porn star?

Your Porn Star Name Is…
Afro Clam

Afro Clam?? What’s that supposed to mean? Yes, I have nothing else to do. Afro Clam, hmm…it does sound kinda cool. Hee..
Well, whatever. Bye for now. =)

Afro Clam.


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This is mine. Not yours.
So keep your censuring to yourself, thank you.


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